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Iconic Stylists Share How They Master Instagram

It’s easy to say that Instagram has become the hairstylist’s most revered platform for sharing their art. While viewed as the tool of choice for the young set, icons have also tapped into it with rigor and are influencing the digital generation equally. We gathered SIX notables—Guido Palau, Ruth Roche, Anh Co Tran, Tracey Cunningham, Scotty Cunha, and Marcia Hamilton—who, collectively, have more than 800k followers, to share what they learned while building on the platform, one post at a time.

Anh Co Tran: My followers grew the day I gave Coco Rocha a pixie cut.

Marcia Hamilton: I work a ton with Willow and Jaden Smith so most of my followers are young. They love to see “bomb hair,” faces “beat and lit for the Gods.” Celebrity picsalong with cool cuts and rainbow-colored hair. Anything less gets no love.

American Salon:  Do you manage your account yourself or does someone else?

Anh Co Tran: Be authentic and genuine…it’s important that you take charge of your own postings. 


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