anh co tran

Men’s Haircuts You HAVE To See

Stylist/Barber: Anh Co Tran
Find Him At: Ramirez|Tran, Los Angeles

What To Ask For: A classic men’s cut that’s shorter on the sides and longer on top

“This is a timeless gentleman’s cut,” Tran tells us. “[It’s] just short enough and long enough.” To score the look with your stylist or barber, Tran suggests asking for a classic men’s cut “with a modern technique to prolong the shape.” That is, be sure that the top is a bit longer than the sides and the ends are texturized, which will allow you to go up to six weeks without a trim.

To style it, he suggests using a gel, a pomade, or, ideally, an equal mixture of the two, which will allow for a soft, pliable result.


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