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“Lived in Hair” Look and Learn in Chicago IL

First Day

Price:  850 USD
Date: Tuesday, 11/9 | Time: 10am-5:30pm; lunch 30m
Location: Solo Salon – Washington, 1134 W Washington Blvd, Chicago, IL 

Class: “Lived in Hair” Look and Learn | Chicago, IL

Class Description: Join Anh Co Tran for an intimate and comprehensive “Look & Learn” course featuring his innovative modular approach. This class has limited seating and is designed for all professionals that want to gain the skills and confidence to reproduce Anh’s signature look through live, step-by-step demonstrations.

This streamlined and intimate class gives everyone ample time to observe Anh directly. He will demonstrate four of his original Lived-in cuts on four models, and break down the entire process. This unique modular approach to education identifies and breaks down the cutting process to its key technical components for you to learn them step-by-step. For more information, email: or txt/call (424) 522-9285.


VERTICAL AND HORIZONTAL UNDERCUT: This is the Lived-in signature cut that you can use to transform any texture you work with. It is a dry cutting technique that yields a chic and elegant look. Perfect for clients who want something unique, uncomplicated, and naturally beautiful.

PARALLEL UNDERCUT: This is a lived-in dry cutting technique that yields a modern look, perfect for clients seeking more movement or texture.

Each class comes with the following:

  • Handbook
  • Four demonstrations
  • Readjustment step by step
  • Certification
  • Swag bag