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Daniel Kim
Currently working at one of the top salons in Los Angeles, Daniel has been working on the craft of hairstyling since the young age of 17. Since starting, he has worked under some of the top names and brands in the industry. His passion for hair is evident not only behind the chair, but also on set, where his creativity allows him to create shapes and styles. It is also seen in the classroom, where he travels all around the world to share his passion to others in the industry as the lead educator at Curated Cutting. Get to know Daniel @danielsunghoonkim
Nina Adado
Nina Adado is a professional stylist based in Los Angeles. For over ten years, she has been learning from and working with leading figures in the industry, such as Anh Co Tran. In addition to working in the film/tv industry, Nina is currently a member of the education team at Curated Cutting. As an artist and educator, she is known for her  cuts that feature her own effortless, deconstructed style. She is also a part of the Local 706 Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist Union and has her work featured on Hulu productions. You can find her @nina.adado and get to know her more!
Linnea’s Bio – Administrative Production Manager
My name is Linnea and I have been with the company for three years now. I have been and will continue to be committed to the beautiful, empowering, and amazing individuals that come to Anh time and time again looking to embody a lifestyle and culture to their hair. As the Administrative Production Manager I will be the one you talk to, or have talked to, in regards to an appointment, getting advice, or our current schedule and availability. Feel free to call, text, or chat with me today!