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Pro Tip: Frizzy Hair

Hair Care Tip: For Frizzy hair, I love to use @milbonusa Anti-Frizz Defrizzing Shampoo and follow by the Treatment for the ultimate frizz control. You can leave the treatment in for 15mins for a deeper effect and remember rinse. Have a good time taking care of tour hair.

How to NuWave

Pro Tip: How to Nu Wave. @curatedcutting Start with the hair underneath the barrel of the iron. Click Click Click to prevent creases. Start the next bend directly under the last without touching the last. End with the ends preferably flipped out.


Anh Co Tran creates natural soft waves after using his signature soft undercut technique on this brilliant brunette. Get the look, first prep the hair with softening oil. Next, blow dry smooth with a Dyson and Ibiza Brush. Create lived in waves using Anh’s lived in technique with a 1.25 inch curling iron. Finish with …

Dry Cutting.

The step by step before the dry cut. Prior to blow drying, always make sure to towel dry the hair thoroughly so that excess moisture is removed from the hair and blow dry products are not diluted.

Seasonal Versatility.

Anh Co Tran creates lived in versatility allowing each client to wear their hair Straight, Wavy or Natural. It is the truest form of Lived in Hair. 

Styling Tip: Break the Waves

Styling Tip: Before applying a finishing spray, break up the waves with your fingers. I usually use @milbonusa Dry Texturizing Spray because it’s light and versatile. Great for all types of hair texture.


This blonde beauty is fire with a soft undercut from Anh Co Tran. @bodonofficial Photo by: @jonathanzaoui Makeup By: @mirandarichardsmakeup Hair color: @chadkenyon Haircut: @anhcotran