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Curated Cutting Testimonial

“I’m still reeling from my experience this weekend. @anhcotran has been a huge inspiration for me for many years, and to be able to learn directly from him and the team at @curatedcutting was a dream come true. Thank you so much for inspiring artists all over the world! And thank you to @haussalon for hosting such …


@milbonusa Dry Texturizing Spray is like magic. Spray it onto the roots for Volume! Spray on the ends for Texture! The invisible power is great for brunette hair so it would not show up powdery white.

Blow Dry Tutorial

Styling Tip: How to do an efficient blow dry. Pro Tip: How to prep the hair for a dry cut. Thank you @alexehouston & @eliarene @milbonusa @dysonhair @milbon.japan @dysonhairpro

Styling Tip

Styling Tip: My go to @milbonusa products for styling wavy medium texture hair: Anti-Frizz Humidity Blocking Oil is great for locking the moisture in while blocking the frizz out. Dry Texturizing Spray 4 is great for body, movement & texture.

Testimonial: Brittany Prism

#testimonial from @brittanyprismhair . “What. A. Trip. Words cannot express how amazing the last 5 days have been. Getting to take a class with my number one favorite hairstylist, the GOAT, @anhcotran was truly the best experience ever. I’m so inspired and ready to cut y’alls hair! Like @rachelprismhair said; so many times you go to a class with a well-known …

Testimonial: Curated Cutting

“This past weekend I was lucky enough to take a cutting class with the talented, @anhcotran . I have been obsessed with the way he styles and cuts hair for so long, so this weekend was a dream! He’s an incredible educator and I learned so much from this experience. I am excited to be …

Curated Cutting: Pro Tip

Pro Tip: It’s all in the details…add a quarter size of @milbonusa Wave Defining Cream for separation & polish. Apply on scalp to ends for the extra touch! It’s light weight & great for all types of hair. ❤️ @anhcotran

Curated Cutting Testimonial

#testimonial from @rachelprismhair “@curatedcutting with @anhcotran was the greatest continuing ed experience I have ever had. I left feeling inspired + hopeful, sad it was over yet looking forward to future classes and so ready to get back to what I love. So many times we meet our hair heroes and we are let down – Anh’s modesty and kindness …

Step by Step: The Blowout

Step-by-step guide to a smooth blowout . My muse have coarse, dry & flat hair so here are the products I use to help give her hair some body and shine. @milbonusa Weightless Replenishing Mis + Coarse Luminous Softening Oil + Thickening Mist With @dysonhairpro Supersonic hair dyer. @anhcotran