As I’m sure many of you know, Anh teaches specialized cutting classes where he offers an exclusive showcasing of his signature techniques. As of right now he offers three types of classes: The Fundamentals class, The Look and Learn class and The Advanced Hands On class. Let’s do a deep dive on each class in order to help make choosing a class a little easier for all of you, since one of the questions that we get asked the most is “Which class should I take?”

1) Curated Cutting: Fundamentals

This class is the perfect entry-level course for someone who’s interested in everything that goes into the lived in cut as well as dry cutting. This class will teach you the anatomy of the lived in cut in order for you to easily reproduce this look for your clients! This class is going to be more of a hands-on class and you’ll be able to follow and cut alongside with Anh while he directs you and give you pointers.


2) Curated Cutting: Look & Learn

If you’re someone who identifies as a visual learner and thrives in this type of environment then this class is for you! With the Look & Learn class you’ll be getting the chance to observe Anh directly as he walks you through and explain step by step his process of how he implements his techniques in order to achieve the “Lived-in” look.


3) Curated Cutting: Advanced Hands-On

These classes are generally smaller in size in order to give everyone more than enough time to engage with Anh directly, ask questions and receive direct feedback. Featuring an in-depth dive into his whole entire process, you’ll be equipped with all the tools necessary to gain the confidence to reproduce his signature look. Anh will also be showing you his original lived in cut on three different models and break down each step in detail.


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