Sadghuru is a famous spiritual leader and climate change activist. His team reached out to Anh and we’ve decided to join forces and bring awareness to this global issue. It’s interesting because it feels like soil depletion is often overlooked when it comes to the topic of climate change, when in reality this issue needs to be talked about more because it is one of the more crucial issues that will directly affect our lives on this planet. As of right now we have about 45-50 years left of agricultural soil left of the planet.


It might sound like we’re completely doomed, but that’s not the case! There’s still actions that we can take in order to reverse soil depletion, like composting and mulching. However, the easiest thing that we can do is bring awareness to this issue. If this Sadghuru movement garners enough attention then major policy redirections to safeguard, nurture and sustain soil can take place.

If you’re curious or want to know more, watch his impactful video and also visit his website!



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