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Before and After

Before  After Color by Kazumi, Haircut & Style by: Anh Co Tran. (Source: hairbykazumi)

Catching up with Emily

A fresh clean up for my  fashion forward Emily Yomtobiam who draws her inspirations from the french new wave gamine style.  I LOVE her look!  Haircut and Style by: Anh Co Tran.

Catching up with Michelle

Tighten our beautiful Michelle up.   I’m so glad she works with us, always so fashion forward and amazing!  Haircut by Anh Co Tran.

Catching up with Megan

Catching up with Megan!  You can see my older post of Megan when she first cut off her hair.  This is her 3rd cut in the 7 months.  A haircut by Anh Co Tran

Before and After

Before  After Dagney’s redefine.  I love to do short haircuts with great details to show off the texture and head shape.  A haircut by Anh Co Tran.

Before and After

Before  After Akiko came to me with a dated haircut and wanted something more current.  So I took some weight out and break up some line.   Here you have it, so Fresh and Youthful!  Haircut by Anh Co Tran.


lavalover77: After looking at this picture, my frien Anh says..”Wow, its like I’m sitting in an art studio.” Um yeahhhh.. cuz it IS one lame-o! lol

Before and After

Before  After Sassy and Simple!   Such a popular length!  Definitely this summer’s cut.  This time around, a straight look and then a wavy look.    Haircut and style by Anh Co Tran.

Before and After

Before  After hairbykazumi: Becky is naturally a brunette but looks great with red hair. Her color was faded so I added a rich red base with subtle highlights. Becky is a talented actress with many on-stage parts and a role on CSI under her belt.   Hair color by Kazumi Morton and Hair cut by Anh …

Of a Kind: Where They Were Then: Vera Wang →

Vera Wang’s name is basically synonymous with the word wedding. For the past twenty years, her dresses have been the coveted ideal of every girl wanting to look like Cinderella, Diana, or whoever the bride of the moment is. But she is also an ice queen—as in, a die-hard figure-skating…