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When it comes to hair, I think of Hair like Fabric. My main focuses are the movement, texture and the longevity of the cut. ❤️✨ @curatedcutting #softundercut #livedinhair #milbonusa #losangeles #milbonpro #anhcotran #milbonhair


Had the pleasure of working with this uber talented Dame @helenmirren on @masterclass. She is so inspiring and cool! :). Makeup: @fredrikszrobin Hair: #anhcotran #helenmirren #masterclass #livedinhair #milbonusa

nu.WAVE + lived.IN

Using #NuWave + #LivedInWaves to create this french girl bob. Just effortless & chic. And yes “effortless” does takes a little effort. 😁🤪. Be Kind & Sane 💋 #hairstyling #milbonusa #bob #livedinhair #milbonpro #curatedcutting #milbonhair #anhcotran #easter

Daily Reminder

  “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”  Anh deeply resonated with — and decided to share — this quote with his followers as a daily reminder for how important it is to overcome obstacles, limitations and self doubt in order to achieve your goals & dreams.

Natural Beauty

  “HO-RI-ZON: the line at which the earth’s surface and the sky appear to meet. #flightbynight #horizon #sunset #upintheair”  Shot from Anh’s return back home to California, he captures the horizon line at night — one of his favorite views of the earth from above that perfectly captures Earth’s natural beauty.

Aimee Song

  “Hard to pose when you’re with this beauty! Love you @aimeesong! So glad we got to hang in Paris! #paris #aimeesong” Anh giving a shout out to his amazing friend and muse, Aimee Song, from their recent connection in Paris at Jardin de Toullerie.

Outdoor Aesthetic

  Anh shared a photo of his first bonsai with excitement to his followers on Instagram. He’s a lover of plants, nature and aesthetics — bringing the outdoors in to harmonize his home. 

Words of Wisdom

  “Direction is more important that speed. There are a lot of people going nowhere fast.” Some daily inspiration and words of wisdom shared on Anh’s instagram this past month to serve as a reminder to act with care and intention, rather than rushing to finish fast!

Sunday Morning Inspiration

  MERAKI — “when you do something with creativity or love: putting a piece of yourself into what you do.  A bit of Sunday morning inspiration from Anh shared on his Instagram — he tries to approach every aspect of his life with the personal touch of love and creativity, as evident through his detailed …

Miami Sunshine

  Standing outside of Anh’s resident salon in Miami, FL — Atma Beauty — this photo was taken on the last day of his most recent trip there. He was spotted soaking up the final bit of Florida sun before flying home to LA. He returns to the beautiful city this upcoming August!