Have you ever heard of a Marcel curling iron but don’t know exactly what it was or even how it’s different from A curling IRON? Have you ever wanted to experiment with a marcel iron yourself? Well Then continue reading to learn all about the PRO-MARCEL iron and its benefits! T

Working with natural texture, here’s the step by step: Step 1: Spray a generous amount of Milbon’s weightless replenishing mist onto damp hair. Step 2: Apply a palm’s worth of Milbon’s wave enhancing mousse. Step 3: Apply two pumps of Milbon’s luminous bodifying oil for fine

Fresh Color, Fresh Hair @milbonusa new Sophistone Demi shades Global Creative Director: #anhcotran @milbonusa Photographer: @offthecheng Producer: @jenn_tyk PA: Tara Seewack DigiTech: @nd_lei 1st Asst: @coldgamedrew 2nd Asst: @yungyulz Stylist: @whiiitwhiiit Make Up: @shearde

Shinrin-Yoku BTS. Step by Step on what we got their looks. Hope you enjoy. Global Creative Director: #anhcotran @milbonusa Photographer: @offthecheng Cinematographer: @cinematommy Producer: @jenn_tyk PA: Tara Seewack DigiTech: @nd_lei 1st Asst: @yungyulz Stylist: @whiiitwhiiit

Had the pleasure of working with this uber talented Dame @helenmirren on @masterclass. She is so inspiring and cool! :). Makeup: @fredrikszrobin Hair: #anhcotran #helenmirren #masterclass #livedinhair #milbonusa

Using #NuWave + #LivedInWaves to create this french girl bob. Just effortless & chic. And yes “effortless” does takes a little effort. 😁🤪. Be Kind & Sane 💋 #hairstyling #milbonusa #bob #livedinhair #milbonpro #curatedcutting #milbonhair #anhcotran #eas

  “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”  Anh deeply resonated with — and decided to share — this quote with his followers as a daily reminder for how important it is to overcome obstacles, limitations and self doubt in order to achieve your goals &a

  “HO-RI-ZON: the line at which the earth’s surface and the sky appear to meet. #flightbynight #horizon #sunset #upintheair”  Shot from Anh’s return back home to California, he captures the horizon line at night — one of his favorite views of the earth from above t