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Look & Learn

  The most recent of Anh’s Curated Cutting courses at the end of July are in NYC — finally! He’s being hosted at his resident salon, Butterfly Studio Salon, for a two day Look & Learn and hands On course. In the Curated Cutting classes, he shares all of his signature ‘Lived in Hair’ cuts …

Curated Cutting

  The time has come! Anh FINALLY got the opportunity to host a Curated Cutting class on his home turf of Los Angeles! Stylists from the area have eagerly awaited this opportunity to get an up-close and personal experience of Anh’s tricks and tips, extending from tool preferences, styling techniques and social media strategy.

Miami Sunset

  A snapshot Anh shared on his Instagram from one of his regular travel destinations, Miami, Florida — and the perfect scene to walk outside and see after a long day of working with clients! He maintains an eye for beauty and artistic sensibility, both in and out of the salon. 

Pink Rounded Pixie

  We’re absolutely obsessed with this summery pink and blonde rounded pixie cut that Anh showcased for a show in Paris recently. He cut the model’s naturally waved hair with a graduation at the back and longer layers around the top and front of the head to shape the hair, concentrating longer layers around the …

Miami Skyline

Anh captured the Miami skyline at sunset this past month — another regular destination on his circuit of cities he has established clients at. He loves sharing his interest in photography and nature, the sky and how it interplays and contrasts with the cityscape through his regular travels — a momentary break from hair!

Long Texture & Volume

One of the models from Anh’s Curated Cutting Course in Toronto, Ontario this past month, Yulia is styled with his signature wave techniques to demonstrate texture and volume on a longer cut. To get this style, he first prepped the hair with a nourishing mousse for hold on the curls, and used a primer spray …

Change in Miami

Change! Because nothing feels better than a fresh cut. These luxe brunette braids came from a client of Anh’s from his residency at Atma Beauty in Miami this past month. Before a client undergoes a dramatic chop from long to short, Anh makes sure to secure the hair with rubber bands and make some neat …

Chicago Class

After much anticipation and demand, Anh will be accepting clients in Chicago on April 2nd, 2019! A special visit and stray from his usual travel circuit, Midwesterners have been excited to travel from neighboring cities and states for his Chicago appointments — an opportunity not to be missed!

Look & Learn Class

Anh travels to Toronto, Canada on April 7th, 2019 to teach a ‘Look and Learn’ style class that offers students a deeper dive to Anh’s signature cuts. The course covers medium length cuts — a staple style to know — with the addition of his undercut techniques to add dimension and change the weight of …