From shallow to deep…I love Point Cutting because it creates movement, texture, weight removal & softness. Definitely very versatile & efficient. @curatedcutting #livedinhair #pointcutting #curatedcutting #milbonusa #anhcotran WATCH VIDEO:

When my clients need an extra step of weight removal, I usually use a slide cutting technique to take out the bulk. This technique is great on thick and course hair. Just remember to move your shears when going down on the hair shaft. 💋✌🏽 #curatedcutting #livedinhair #slidec

Beyond excited for this year @curatedcutting Classes! Looking forward to meet and share with you fellow hairstylists! International cities coming soon. Stay tuned! Xoxo ❤️ Link: Thank you @stemsalon @bombshellsalonbirmingham @habitsalon @cedarhairdenv

Stay tuned for 2020 @curatedcutting class dates at the end of November on! Looking forward to the new classes with my Educators @danielsunghoonkim@nina.adado #curatedcutting #actacademy#livedinhair #ninaadado#danielsunghoonkim #education#anhcotran

Anh uses his Lived In waving technique & NuWave, alternating while in Texas for his Curated Cutting Course. To get this look, use Milbon smoothing cream. Blow dry smooth with a Dyson supersonic pro and Ibiza brush E3. Ride the waves using a 1.25 inch marcel iron. Finish off with M

아름다움🔥@heyclaire Color: @annaleediorino Cut: #anhcotran | Anh creates Lived-in looks while in Tokyo. Get it by curling the hair using a 1.25 inch marcel iron and alternating the direction of the wave each time.

Had such a great day at my @curatedcutting class @rafaelbertolucci1’s studio in Brazil! Felt so good to share and connect with these lovely artists. They are so warm and welcoming! Next level! Muito Obrigado! First day class is done. Tomorrow Hands On! I love these intimate class

Had such a great time in Tokyo. Can’t wait for Japan’s spring 2020 classes @kazumimmorton! Stay tune! ❤️😘#livedinhair #japan #collaboration #tokyo #curatedcutting #kazumimorton #anhcotran