“Aimee and Anh had been talking about going shorter for some time, but he wasn’t trying to convince her to change anything. He told her that a shorter style would look amazing and that he was ready [with scissors] when she was! He explained that it’s impo

“A quick scroll through Anh Co Tran’s Instagram will explain why the mane master trademarked the term “lived-in hair”—no one does the tousled, beachy texture quite like him. If you’re looking for haircut inspiration, look no further than his Instagram, where gorgeous s

Fact: Anh Co Tran’s signature lived-in wave is so popular, the celebrity hairstylist had it trademarked. The effect is one you’ve probably re-pinned onto your Pinterest hair inspiration board, or double-tapped on Instagram and its undone, touchable appearance is coveted by co