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Anh Co Tran creates face framing shape to this shorter lived in cut. To get the look, prep with milbon waving cream. Blow dry smooth with a dyson or favorite dryer & Ibiza brush. Wave the hair using 1.5 inch marcel iron using the NuWave technique, Finish with dry texture spray from milbon.


Short hair deserves to have movement and texture! Anh embodies this using his Soft undercut technique. He creates natural waves using a 1.25 inch marcel icon alternating Lived in + NuWave.


Fall into this short blonde shag dream state created by Anh Co Tran. Get the look using Milbon smoothing cream, blow dry smooth using a Dyson supersonic and Ibiza e3 brush. Follow Anh’s Nuwave technique with a 1.25 in marcel iron, best if finished off with Oribe dry shampoo.


Anh shows off the fluidity and movement in this windswept shot of a soft blunt, chin-length bob using his NuWave waving technique. To get this look, start by using Milbon smoothing cream and a Nourishing Oil, then blowing dry with the Dyson supersonic pro & Ibiza brush E3. Create seamless waves with the GHD flat …


Anh Co Tran uses his Lived-in Waving Technique to create this crisp flowy look. To get the look, wave the hair using the lived in waving technique and finish with Oribe texture spray.


Stevie Nicks is the inspiration behind this Livedin Look. Anh softly uses the LivedIn styling technique for texture and to accentuate the layers. He recommends prepping with primer spray &  your favorite nourishing oil, brow dry smoothly using the dyson supersonic & Ibiza brush. Finish it off with texture spray and be sure to separate …