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Anh transforms this gorgeous hair color using his Lived in waves technique. To get the look, blow dry smooth with a Dyson supersonic pro (or your choice hair dryer) and he recommends using a Ibiza brush e4. To create seamless waves, use a Marcel iron 1.25 inch and Milbon texturizing spray.


Anh creates Lived-in waves on this medium length chestnut hair. He starts with a small amount of Milbon smoothing cream then blows dry smooth with the iconic duo–Dyson supersonic pro & Ibiza brush e4. He uses a Marcel iron 1.25 inch to create his legendary Lived in waves then top with finishing spray for hold …


Loving these long tousled Lived-in waves? Get the look, start by using Milbon smoothing cream. Blow dry smooth  with Dyson supersonic pro and Ibiza brush e4. Create Lived in waves with a Marcel iron 1.5 inch and finish off with Milbon smoothing cream.


Long, simple and classic — Anh gives his model his signature Lived in Waves on a longer soft undercut with freshly trimmed ends. To get the look, blow dry smooth using a Dyson supersonic and Ibiza E3 round brush. Apply Anh’s Lived in waving technique usinga 1.25 marcel iron and Milbon texture spray.


Everyone needs a little hair re.FRESH for the holidays! Follow Anh Co Tran’s Lived-in hair process to get the look. Start with Milbon smoothing cream,  blow dry smooth using a Dyson supersonic pro and Ibiza brush E3. Use a 1.25 inch marcel iron to master his Lived In waving technique. 


Anh Co Tran elevates this long vibrant Lived-in hair by styling it with Milbon smoothing cream and your favorite primer spray. Blow dry smooth using your Dyson supersonic pro and Ibiza brush E3. Get his Lived-in waves with a 1.25 inch marcel iron, finished off with Milbon texture spray.


Anh accentuates this brunette coif with his effortless Lived-in Waves. Get his look by using Milbon smoothing cream and a nourishing oil and primer spray. Blow out using the Dyson supersonic pro and Ibiza brush E3. Follow it up with the 1.25 inch marcel iron get get the Lived In waving technique then finish it off with Milbon texture …


Accentuate auburn hues with the perfect FALL waves using Anh’s Lived-in waving technique. Get the look by using a 1.25 inch marcel curling iron to wave the hair.