Pro Tip: Open & Close the shears quickly to create no drag when Slide Cutting. That helps to ensure healthy hair. @curatedcutting Slide cutting can also be used on thick hair to remove weight and add texture. When doing this, you should glide your shears down the section of hair

Pro Tip: Dusting is so therapeutic & mesmerizing to watch. One of my favorite ways to get rid of split ends & flyaways. This method will remove all of the unwanted split ends & flyaways from the hair and leave a much smoother, healthier appearance.

Looking dapper as ever @steveyeun. So proud & honored to get you ready for the Oscars! Photo: @_johnchong Stylist: @stopitrightnow Grooming: @heeezooo Hair: #anhcotran How to get his look: Step 1: On damp hair, apply a generous amount of @milbonusa Weightless Replenishing Mi

Styling Tip: Summer is here! It’s time to protect your hair from humidity.  One of my favorite anti-frizz oil is @milbonusa Humidity Blocking Oil. It has jojoba, argan, baobab olive & Shea oils to optimize moisture and keep your hair frizz-free! And to top it off, spray on som

Styling Tip: Summer is here…One of my favorite products I like to use for protecting the hair is @milbonusa’s Anti-Frizz Humidity Blocking Oil. Its 5 superior botanical oils like jojoba, argan, baobab, olive & shea weightlessly lock moisture in and keep frizz at bay.