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“Life changing experience had here! I’ve needed this for a long time! I’m obsessed with this industry and everything it keeps giving me. Obsessed with education, I thrive around astounding, creative minds.

This day was epic. The universe gave me exactly what I needed and reminded me to keep striving to be my best so I can give my best. Not just with my career but in all aspects of life.

These past two years have been rough on our industry, the world and amongst it I’ve made my way through a divorce, up’ed and moved back to my village re-starting my career with my babe in tow. I feel like I’m still climbing, but I’m able to look back and see a horizon and am very proud of all the distance we’ve come. So when I’m down on myself for letting the negatives win in my head, I’m gonna remind myself someone is always looking out for me because when I whined about needing education I WON a giveaway on this platform to the VERY BEST CUTTING EDUCATOR @anhcotran.

I still can’t believe it! I learned so much, but most of all this man is so kind! His team, his energy, his philosophy, it’s all good! I love when good things happen to great people and @anhcotran is only elevating the industry on every single level! I hope to be in his presence many more times! I know each time I will grow to be a better stylist, educator and most importantly a better person!

So thank you @anhcotran@_lushlocks_ for making it happen and @aikothefinn for supporting me and all my hair dreams!”


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