ATO International

ATO, featuring precision shears and brushes, is made for professionals who want to take their craft to the next level.

These tools are meticulously crafted to elevate hairstyling, embodying Anh’s commitment to excellence and empowering stylists to unleash their creativity.

Precision Shears

The Precision Shears are made in Niigata, Japan, with high quality materials and engineering. These shears enable stylists to create seamless layers, precise texturing, and intricate detailing, delivering exceptional performance and results.


Innovative Brushes

Thoughtfully designed to cater to modern hairstyling needs, these brushes offer functionality and comfort, becoming indispensable tools for achieving flawless results. The boar bristle round brush helps smooth the hair while locking in moisture and providing shine. These round brushes are ideal for creating body and volume. Its unique design makes it more gentle on your hair, featuring heat-resistant nylon threads that work to distribute heat evenly from the core, while the pointed wood tips make parting and sectioning your hair a breeze.

Elevate your hairstyling game with ATO’s precision tools and unleash your creativity and craft with excellence!


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