We love a woman who’s confident, self-assured and successful, but when you add hilarious into the mix it’s hard not to become obsessed. I think this is why Emma Chamberlain is adored in the hearts of many and why Anh was very excited to meet Emma as well as cut her hair.

Anh’s set up for cutting Emma’s hair








Emma came to Anh wanting a fresh look for Coachella. Which is why they decided on getting rid of about 4 inches of her hair!


Here’s Emma’s look breakdown!

Step 1

Prep the hair with a few sprays of Weightless Replenishing Mist.

Step 2

Combine 2 pumps of both Smooth Luminous Bodifying Oil & Humidity Blocking Oil. This will help to smooth the hair and keep the frizz to a minimum.

Step 3

Spray the hair with a few pumps of Heat Protective Mist.

Step 4

Blow dry the hair straight, then cut about 4 inches off the hair.

Step 5

Although Anh didn’t style her hair for Coachella he did complete Emma’s haircut by giving her some gorgeous “Lived-in” waves!

Anh used two different techniques here to achieve this. He used a combination of both Nu-waves and “Lived-in” waves.

For Nu Waves: Take horizontal sections about one inch. Glide the iron in and out to create undulating waves. Keep your motions soft and smooth. Alternate your waves over and under to create dimension and texture.

For Lived-in Waves: Take one inch sections and start by placing your iron at the base of the hair and wrap keeping the curl at the base. Keep the ends out for a more lived in look. Slowly release the curl while tapping the iron through the ends to polish the hair. Alternate the waves in different directions for a more beachy look!

Step 6

After waving the hair take the Dry Texturizing Spray 4 and spray from the roots to the mid-shaft for both texture and volume.

Milbon’s Dry Texturizing Spray 4











Step 7

Take a dime sized amount of Wave Defining Cream 1 and apply it to the ends for hydration and separation.


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