keanu IS BACK AND has returned for the holidays!

If you didn’t know, Keanu is Anh’s good friend that pops in from time to time to give us some hair tips and tricks. With the holidays officially here, Anh asked if Keanu could pop in once again to give us a tutorial on how to recreate combo waves on shorter hair at home.

What are combo waves?

Combo waves are literally a combination of Lived-in waves and Nu waves. Anh likes to layer them on top of each other to create a newer, more complex hair texture for his clients.

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Before we jump into curling the hair it’s important to remember to always begin with a solid prep. Keanu prepped his hair by spraying the Weightless Replenishing Mist all over, then he applied a few pumps of Luminous Bodifying Oil from the mid-shaft to the ends.

Now that the hair is prepped, Keanu sectioned off his hair to start curling.

Keanu used the 1.5 inch Pro Marcel Iron that Anh gifted him. However, if you’re going to recreate this look at home we recommend using the 1.5 inch Curling Iron.

If you’re recreating this look at home, read below for some curling tips

Take about one inch horizontal sections of the hair. Glide the iron in and out to create undulating waves. Keep your motions soft and smooth. Alternate your waves over and under to create dimension and texture.

lived-in waves

For “Lived-in” waves, start by taking a one inch section of hair, placing your iron at the base and wrap, keeping the curl at the base of the iron. Slowly release the curl while tapping the iron through the ends to polish the hair. Alternate the waves in different directions on different sections for a more “Lived-in” look!


After curling, keanu then went onto styling his hair.

To polish up the ends, Keanu used a bit of Milbon’s Illuminating Glow Oil from their new Gold Line.

After, Keanu sprayed the hair with a bit of Dry Texturizing Spray 4 to enhance the entire look!










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