Gwyenth’s Golden Look


Gwyneth Paltrow’s 2019 Met Gala look was inspired by the archetype of the Empress — and Anh channels this through sleek, luxurious and high-shine golden hair. To get this style, he first applied mousse on damp hair from roots to end, and dried the hair by flipping the head upside-down and using the Smoothing Nozzle attachment on medium heat + speed with the Dyson Supersonic dryer. Once partially dry, flip the head back and continue drying, lifting the roots with fingers for movement and volume until the head is 70% dry. He then switched to the Concentrator attachment, turned up the heat to high and dried at the nape of the neck with the nozzle directly to the hair at an angle to straighten and smooth. He then lifted the hair with the brush for volume, and tucked the ends for a slight bend. Finish off with hair spray to lock in the look — et voila!


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