The Matrix Resurrections x Jessica Henwick

Got a chance to watch the new @thematrixmovie, it was so GOOD! @jhenwick kicks ass!

Makeup: @nadiaaltinbas
Hair: @anhcotran

How I got Jessica’s look:

1. On damp hair, apply @milbonusa Thickening Mist and Texturizing Sea Mist from roots to ends.

2. Use a round brush & blowdryer to lift all hair for maximum volume.

3. Split the hair into two radial sections from ear-to-ear, diving the front and back of hair.

4. Push the back half of hair upward into a ponytail and secure with a rubber band and bobby pins, using a criss-cross method for extra security.

5. Comb the front half of hair backward into the original ponytail and secure in place using a rubber band.

6. Apply @extensionology tape-in extensions around ponytail until desire thickness & length are achieved.

7. Apply Milbon Thickening Mist & Texturizing Sea Mist to extensions and rough dry.

8. Use a flat iron to smooth out ends of ponytail & extensions.

9. Twist hair from ponytail & extensions into a taut bun, leaving ends out.

10. Piece out ends of hair, making them spike out from the top of the head.

11. Pick out two tendrils of hair at the front to frame the face.

12. Use Milbon Extra Strong Hairspray 10 to lock the style in place. Et Voilà


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