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Beachy and textured shoulder-length, shaggy grunge inspired men’s cut. Face-framing strands and piece-y, subtle waves add volume and emphasis to the natural + rooted sun-kissed California blonde hue.


Editorial inspired big curls with mega volume. Curls are piece-y and separated to emphasize their shape and styled with an asymmetrical side-part to maximize the voluminous effect.


Natural and tousled lob with Anh Co Tran’s signature Soft Undercut technique. Styled with a classic lived-in wave to emphasize a rooted bright blonde highlight. Perfect for a casual summertime vibe.

How To Keep Your Hair From Looking Greasy

How To Keep Your Hair From Looking Greasy: Dry shampoo is your best friend. Also, instead of shampooing every day, rinse with just water and scrub with your fingers to help distribute the natural oils throughout the hair strand.

How To Create 5- Minute Beach Waves

 Total of three horizontal sections, first section is nape, second section up to the parietal ridge, third section is the top. For each section, take vertical sub sections and curl in alternating directions from each subsection. The more imperfect, the beachier/messier look.


HALEY x SCHÖN: Using the Twisting technique to achieve this look.  Twist the hair from the back and upward to the front, then pin and sculpt it into the face area.