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Why Aimee Song Skipped Heels and Wore Combat Boots to the Dior Show

When it comes to finding the perfect outfit, we’re fans of the unexpected—a pop of color when you need some oomph, combat boots instead of heels, etc. Which is exactly why we were so excited to follow along as Aimee Song, aka Song of Style, made her way to Dior’s spring 2018 show. From her bright, bold lipstick to her …

Art & Ink

Tattoos have become a mainstream symbol of art and is no longer a stamp of rebellion or subculture. A ton of people today are getting ink done for a variety of different reasons.

Calling All Curly Girls

Here’s how to style one of my  favorite looks, natural, air dried curly locks. STEP 1: pump a generous amount of Soft Curls Mousse into your hands, and scrunch through damp hair STEP 2: that’s it! Super low maintenance, air dried natural curls. Wrap individual curls around your fingers for more definition if desired. We …

Tips for how to Survive this Late Summer Heatwave

1. Tie your hair back, this one should be a no brainer. Before styling, we recommend spraying your brush with the @lorealproInforcer Brush Proof anti-breakage spray. Spritz directly onto your brush and comb through for smooth and sleek style.  2. If your plan to cope with the heat is going to the beach or pool, you’ll …