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An Awesomely Self Hosted Video

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AIMEE SONG: WET TEXTURE | Look 2: Saint Laurent

To get the look: 1. With dry hair, apply 8 pumps of softcurls mouse onto scalp to ends. Pushing the hair back and creating body and while keeping it piecey. Make sure you get the hairline well because of fly aways. 2. Then apply 2 pumps of nourishing oil to ends for sheen and heat protection. …

AIMEE: Clean + Straight | Look 1: Dior show

How to get this look: 1. With towel dry hair, apply 3 pumps of nourishing oil mid to ends for heat protection. Then brush through & rough dry upside down for volume. 2. Smooth the ends with a paddle brush. 3. Then start from the back, taking horizontal sections, working your way upwards. Evaluation is …

Designing for Watch OS

When designing for Watch OS, keeping in mind the user experience is key. Using larger images and animations will certainly slow down the user experience and lead to a bad rating.

12 Shag Haircuts to Inspire your ’70s-Loving Clients

The Face-Framing Shag by Anh Co Tran (@anhcotran) Instagram via @anhcotran Shall we shag now or shall we shag later? The answer is NOW if your client is requesting the edgy, ‘70s-inspired haircut. Not only is it one of this year’s biggest trends but the modern shag is super-versatile, sexy and the embodiment of lived-in …