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Anh Co Tran creates a sleek look on these platinum strands using his Soft undercut technique with a Blunt line to provide unparalleled Precision to a wearable cut.  Finish with your favorite shine or gloss.


These blonde strands shine brighter with natural texture and movement from Anh’s  Soft undercut technique. Get the look by blowing dry smooth then alternating his Lived in + NuWave techniques with a 1.25 inch marcel iron.


Page gets a Lived in Pixie cut by Anh Co Tran that is disconnected with his long undercut technique. Anh adds texture to the top to create a natural wearable movement.


Anh Co Tran creates long luscious Lived in texture to these winter blonde hues using his Soft undercut technique. Start by blowing dry smooth with your favorite dryer, then use a 1.25 inch marcel iron to create Lived in waves.


Short hair deserves to have movement and texture! Anh embodies this using his Soft undercut technique. He creates natural waves using a 1.25 inch marcel icon alternating Lived in + NuWave.


Anh Co Tran can create wearable dimensions on short, medium or long hair using his Soft undercut technique. Style using a 1.5 inch marcel iron creating Lived in Waves, finish with texture spray.


New Year, New Hair! Anh Co Tran uses his Soft undercut technique to create everyday texture and natural layers. Get the look using a 1.25 inch marcel iron alternating Lived in + NuWave. Finish with your favorite shine spray. 


These long Lush Lived in strands fall naturally with Anh’s signature Parallel undercut. Add extra volume and dimension by creating Lived in waves with a 1.5 inch marcel iron.