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Anh creates beautifully sculpted Lived-in Hair during his travel to Tokyo. Get this look by using the dyson supersonic and the Ibiza brush in size E3 and give a soft bend to the hair. Then add siren waves from L’Oréal to finish it off.


Accentuate auburn hues with the perfect FALL waves using Anh’s Lived-in waving technique. Get the look by using a 1.25 inch marcel curling iron to wave the hair. 


Create this Lived-in Look using the dyson supersonic and Ibiza brush in size E3 to blow out the hair. Afterwards, make sure  to go back through it with a 1.25 inch marcel iron to touch up the Lived-in waves.


To get this retro Lived-in Look, prep damp hair with siren waves and mythic oil from L’Oréal. Use the Dyson Supersonic with the diffuser attachment on high heat, at a low speed. You should refrain from touching the hair as much as possible, until the hair is 80% dry. Continue diffusing, but hold the roots …


Anh’s signature Soft Undercut creates a unique look that can be dressed up or down. He does this by using a 1.25 inch marcel iron, then add indentations on the hair by using the NuWave technique. Finish it off with some Siren Waves from L’Oréal.


Anh Co Tran creates effortless fiery waves by using a 1.25 inch marcel iron. Start  by wave the hair by alternating the direction of each curl. Finish by spraying texture spray on the roots.


Get this shoulder-length hair by using a 1.25inch curling iron. Simply wave the hair using Anh’s Lived-in curling technique. Finish by rubbing dry texture paste from r&Co onto the roots.


Anh created this signature Long Hair with Bangs by  using a 1.25inch marcel iron. You wave the hair by alternating the direction of each curl. After spraying texture spray from Milbon, use a tangle teezer to soften and break up the curl.


Anh Co Tran uses his Lived-in Waving Technique to create this crisp flowy look. To get the look, wave the hair using the lived in waving technique and finish with Oribe texture spray.


Anh creates a Vertical UnderCut on this lucious brunette SHAG by waving the hair using the Lived-in waving technique. Finish with r&Co dry shampoo paste to get the look.