if you’ve been following along you might’ve known that Anh and the team were in Sao Paulo for this years Beauty Fair convention!

It was so nice to connect with our lovely friends in Sao Paulo, while also being able to showcase a little glimpse of what a Curated Cutting class is like to those who have been following Anh’s journey but live outside of the U.S.

The most exciting part about this whole entire trip was that Anh got to tap into his edgy side and feature a collection of hairstyles titled ‘LIVED-IN GRUNGE’.


There were so many beautiful transformations that took place, partly because of our friend and colorist Everson Fernandes took care of majority of the models’ color at Rom Concept, the salon he works out of! It was very intriguing to see both him and Anh come together and essentially create art!

Fast forward to the Master Class

We got to see Curated Cutting Educators, Nina and Daniel in action! You can really tell that there was some sort of synergy between them and Anh since they all truly worked together like a team.

Here are some of our favorite LIVED-IN GRUNGE transformations!



The turnout for the masterclass was absolutely insane! Obrigado brazil!
It was such an honor to be back in Brazil! Thank you so much to Beauty Fair and the administrative staff for such a lovely trip!
Brazil we will be back!



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