Daniel’s perm in Korea!

Back in July, Daniel got a Korean perm at the prestigious Oui Oui Atelier salon. Thanks to the expertise of our good friend and Designer Yoo Kyung, Daniel effortlessly attained a flawless style with an extra touch of texture and body!

After Daniel conveyed his desired appearance along with a picture reference to Yoo Kyung, she could apply the appropriate techniques to achieve a result that matched what Daniel had envisioned.

Continue reading to delve into Daniel’s experience.

The process for creating the perm remains relatively the same no matter if you’re going for a bold or subtle permed look!

A gentle perming solution was applied to each section of hair, ensuring it covered the entire length evenly.

Then, following the application of the perming solution, Daniel’s hair was then wrapped around special perm rods, also known as digital rods. These rods come in various sizes, which allow for the customization of the curl pattern, along with the end result. Since the focus of Daniel’s perm was focused on adding more volume and texture for longer hair, Yoo Kyung used bigger rods.


Daniel was then placed under a specialized hair dryer for about 30 minutes. This hair dryer was made specifically for perms and it controls the temperature and timing of the process. The machine uses heat to activate and set the final curls, reducing the damage often associated with traditional perms.


After the processing time was complete, a neutralizing solution was applied to lock in the curls and restore the hair’s pH balance. This step is crucial for maintaining the curl pattern and preventing further damage to the hair.

To complete his look, Daniel’s hair was washed and styled, bringing the entire process to a close.

Et Voila!

Thank you again to Yoo Kyung for helping Daniel achieve his desired result and congratulations on becoming a Designer!


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