The team’s group workout session in seoul

The team kicked off our first adventure in the city of Seoul with a group workout!

With about 5 days of shooting ahead, our team of hairstylists and photographers recognized the strain our equipment-heavy work could put on their bodies. To ensure we were in top shape, we decided to go in for a workout session at LEOFIT gym! 

Guided by experienced personal trainers Choi “Rambo” Yeonseok and Lee Seungjae, we dove into the workout, taking in all of the personalized advice our trainers had for us. We split into two groups and powered through full-body exercises, followed by much-needed stretches.

Due to their diverse industry experience both Choi Yeonseok and Lee Seungjae knew how to cater the workout routine to us, specifically accommodating our team of hairstylists, photographers, and those who work on the computer for extended periods of time. This helped us all walk away with pointers and information on what to focus on from now on and how to adopt it in our daily lives. The session wrapped up with a sense of achievement, leaving us feeling refreshed and ready to take on the days ahead! 

A huge thank you to Choi Yeonseok and Lee Seungjae. If you’re in the Seoul areA, definitely visit LeoFit Gym! 


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