We shopped our way through COEX in Seoul

Our visit to COEX in Seoul, Korea was a memorable experience.

This massive shopping complex isn’t just an ordinary mall, it’s also a convention center and houses some of the top exhibitions the city has to offer! COEX is the number one place to be when it comes to art and fashion as it offers a wide variety of shops, dining options, and cultural delights in the heart of Seoul.

As we stepped inside, the architecture immediately caught our eye. It was grand yet inviting, with open spaces that allowed us to explore freely. We really appreciated that the mall isn’t just about shopping, it’s so vast it’s easy to get lost in – there’s so much to discover. The center itself also includes the high-end Hyundai Department store (check out the floor dedicated to food with a food court, multiple vendors, and a gourmet market — our tip is to try some of the freshest Korean fruits), and with two hotels and two subway station lines attached, it has everything one could need when visiting Gangnam! There’s also an aquarium and a cinema – so it’s perfect for families. 

One of the things that stood out was the diverse culinary scene. The mall is home to a number of restaurants that offer all kinds of cuisines. Having a hard time deciding on what to have for lunch was a problem that we were very happy to face. 

After exploring and shopping a bit we stumbled upon the Starfield Library, which was easily the highlight of our visit. It was a perfect spot to unwind after exploring. It was both quiet and cozy, making it great for relaxing with a book.

Overall, our visit to COEX was a calm and enjoyable experience in the heart of Seoul. We truly cannot wait to visit again. 


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