Jessica Biel for W Magazine’s Party

Recently Jessica Biel was seen wearing Anh’s signature combo waves alongside a beautiful python print ensemble for W Magazine’s Best Performances Party!
Follow along for a breakdown to know the steps Anh took to bring a natural dimension to Jessica’s hair.
Step 1

Anh started by spraying a few pumps of Milbon’s Heat Protective Mist onto damp hair.

Step 2

He then used a combination of Milbon’s Restorative Blowout Primer and Milbon’s Smooth Luminous Bodifying Oil and worked it through her hair to protect it while also adding shine.

Step 3

To further increase the volume in the hair, Anh made sure to blow dry the hair out in a “C” motion.

Step 4

Now onto styling. Anh went ahead and created combo waves using a 1.5-inch Marcel iron and worked from the nape to the crown for a more efficient workflow.


      • Take about one-inch horizontal sections of the hair. Glide the iron in and out to create undulating waves. Keep your motions soft and smooth. Alternate your waves over and under to create dimension and texture.


      • For “Lived-in” waves, start by taking a one-inch section of hair, placing your iron at the base, and wrap, keeping the curl at the base of the iron. Slowly release the curl while tapping the iron through the ends to polish the hair. Alternate the waves in different directions on different sections for a more “Lived-in” look!

Be sure to layer these waves on top of each other to enhance the natural dimension of the hair.

Step 5

After waving the hair, Anh blended the waves together by combing through the hair with a wide tooth comb.

Step 6

Then, Anh sprayed Milbon’s Strong Hold Hairspray 7 all over the hair to lock every stand in place.

Pro Tip: Spray the hair with hairspray first and then follow with a texture spray for a longer-lasting wave.

Step 7

To Finish off the look. Anh sprayed the hair with a bit of Milbon’s Dry Texturizing Spray 4 on the roots and ends for added texture.

Et Voila!

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