The Milbon Korea D.A. Inspire Event

This event was created to challenge and support hair designers worldwide while also encouraging them to always continue learning to reach their full potential. Milbon “Design Abilities” or “D.A.” is a platform for stylists to unleash their creativity, adapt them to salon work seamlessly, and prepare them for their journey to improve and evolve their “Design Abilities.”

As the Global Creative Director, Anh had the honor to participate as a judge where he awarded artists with the “Grand Prix” and “Anh’s Selection” award.

The criteria that the stylists were judged on was their interpretation of “realative” (“creative” + “reality”) That is, their ability to creatively and uniquely merge a real hair aspect with a creative hair aspect to create a “realative” style. It was exciting to witness everyone’s different expressions of everyday modern, stylish, and wearable hairstyles.

What made this experience so rewarding was seeing Milbon’s commitment to giving an active platform to all generations of hairstylists. “Interacting with the future of the hair community and experiencing their understanding of expression was absolutely beautiful. It serves as a great reminder of why I do what I do. I found that giving out awards to all different generations made it much more special for me. It excites me as a professional and encourages me to continue to grow and inspire my community.” Anh said.

As Anh attends future global events, we are looking forward to participating again in 2023’s DA-Milbon event in Korea. Stay tuned!


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