Mommy Diary’s Visit: Part 2

Are you ready for a fresh new look this summer? Well, Mommy Diary has taken the plunge and decided to go even shorter for her next haircut with Anh! 
Continue below to discover the steps Anh took to create Angela’s stunning Lived-in summer refresh. We’ll dive into the secrets behind achieving an effortlessly chic ‘lived-in’ look that’s perfect for the sunny days ahead.
Step 1

Immediately, Anh took the 14-inch extensions out using an alcohol-based solution to make sure that there was no glue residue left on the hair nor the extensions.

Step 2

Angela’s hair was then washed with Milbon’s Purifying Gel Shampoo and Hydrating Treatment from their Scalp Collection to help get rid of any kind of oil or alcohol residue.

Step 3

After, Anh rough-dried the hair to prepare Angela for her color highlights with Erin McKay.

Step 4

While she was getting her color done, the team prepped her extensions with extension double-sided tape. 

-Anh likes to use tape in extensions because they’re quicker and simpler. He also finds that it’s a greater way to fill in the gaps for clients that don’t have too much volume in their hair. In Angela’s case, the extensions will be added back in to give her a bit more volume. 

After her color, she’s now ready for her cut! 
Step 5

Anh took about two inches off of Angela’s original length. Since he was working with a new shape and length, Anh decided to give her face framing and over-directed layers.

Now on to styling.
Step 6

Using a 1.25 in Pro Marcel Iron, Anh waved Angela’s hair using the “combo” waves technique.

Step 7

To give her hair more texture and hold, Anh used a bit of Milbon’s Matte Texturizing Paste 8.

Step 8

Then he sprayed her hair with Milbon’s Strong Hold Hairspray 7 to lock every strand into place. 

Et Voila! 
If you’re eager to embrace a fresh new look this summer, be sure to book an appointment with Anh!


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