Emma x Vuitton ❤️Good times with @emmachamberlain for @louisvuitton in PFW a month ago. Go watch the full video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8Wur3MkQkU&t=185s

Makeup: @samvissermakeup Hair: #anhcotran @milbonusa @thewallgroup Assistant: @amandajsmart
How to get this hair:
•Step 1: Throughly apply @milbonusa Thickening Mist onto dry hair. •Step 2: Paddle brush dry it with @dysonhair on medium heat and speed. Dry it the way you would style the hair, so brush it upward and leave the front pieces down for the face frame. •Step 3: Spray some #milbonusa Dry Texturizing Spray after blow dry for more texture and grip. Be generous. It’s a moldable product. •Step 4: Section the hair into 3 sections. Take the 1st section from top of the ears to occipital and ponytail it. Take 2nd section from high recession area and pony tail it. Leave the 3rd section for face frame pieces. •Step 5: Take those pony tails, tease it and twist in buns. •Step 6: #nuwave the face frame pieces. I took some of the face frame pieces and figure 8 into the 2 buns for an extra touch. •Step 7: Seal the look with #milbonusa Strong Hold Hairspray 7. Fin!

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