Emma x Vuitton ❤️Good times with @emmachamberlain for @louisvuitton in PFW a month ago. Go watch the full video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8Wur3MkQkU&t=185s Makeup: @samvissermakeup Hair: #anhcotran @milbonusa @thewallgroup Assistant: @amandajsmart

Dreaming of this 🤗It was fun chatting and cutting @kristaburditt hair. Can’t wait to do soon! 😍 #softundercut #bob #movement #livedinhair #milbonusa #curatedcutting

1, 2, 3 or 4? Looking forward to put these cuts on a human. Haha. ✌🏽 Styled: @danielsunghoonkim Cut: #anhcotran Dollheads: @pivotpointintl #livedinhair #curatedcutting #bob #lob #shag #longhair #softundercut #milbonusa

Practice makes better! Combining 2 types of waves #livedin & #nuwave to give Joséphine just the effortlessness. Haha well gotta put some effort in it. 😘 Then finish off the look with @milbonusa Dry Texturizing Spray for some body. 💋 #hairtutorial #livedinhair #milbo

Anh uses his Soft Undercut technique on these multi-colored strands giving it natural movement. Get the look, prep with weightless moisturizing spray, next blow dry smooth with a dyson and Ibiza brush. Wave using lived in technique with a 1.25 inch curling iron. Finish with Dry textur

Pro tip: to create movement in brunettes, you need to do deeper point cuts. Anh creates natural shifts in these dark hues with his Soft Undercut technique. Get the look, prep he hair with bodifying oil. Blowdry with dyson and Ibiza brush, wave with a 1.25 curling iron alternating live

To maintain consistency in a cut, Anh developed modular cutting techniques. We are artists and sometimes it;s hard to give your clients the “best last haircut” . To get the look, prep your strands with softening oil. Next, blow dry smooth with a Dyson and Ibiza Brush. Create lived

Current Mood = Natural Hairstyles. Anh creates seamless movement using his soft undercut technique. Get the look, prep the hair with Milbon Wave defining cream. Diffuse using your Dyson with a Diffuser attachment. Finish with bodifying oil for the perfect lived in hair.