Are you summer ready? You definitely are if you have the Texturizing Sea Mist 3 in your BEAUTY arsenal this season. This texturizing mist instantly transforms limp hair into vibrantly textured waves. Did we mention that the process is easy as well? Follow below for a simple step-by-st

Ahhh, the 60’s! A time of counter-culture, great music, and of course, hippies! The 60’s has solidified itself as an iconic decade as it’s still referenced by many to this day. The 60’s gave us makeup trends. The 60’s gave us fashion trends. And the 60&#8

SPOTTED: JEssica biel SPORTING ‘COMBO’ WAVES for paris fashion week! Anh built his empire by incorporating elements of Parisian fashion into hair. Paris is the hub of everything effortless and where the saying ‘less is more’ really rings true. ‘Lived-in&#