Movement: Part 1 Editorial Series

Anh recently creative directed a new video, movement, with Milbon. this new video is focused on the art and expression of movement through hair and dance.

One of Anh’s favorite aspects of working with hair is discovering and enhancing its natural movement – the foundation of lived-in hair. In this campaign, Anh wanted to capture what ‘movement’ meant to him by depicting the beauty of movement in its imperfect moments, where the performing arts of raw dance and hair move as one, working together in perfect synergy. As the body moves and expresses itself through dance, your hair flows and evokes the same expression. Through this artistic lens, Anh challenged our choreographers and dancers to showcase these ephemeral moments of movement. By channeling their feelings evoked from music, they interpreted their dance through the natural movements embodied by their lived-in hair.

Inspiration behind the looks

Part 1 is our Editorial series that is inspired heavily by the ‘90s. Anh, growing up in that generation, was impressed by its music, arts, and technology and the free-flowing, powerful energy that was emulated in the culture at that time. Anh sought to bring back this sense of freedom through the movements of dance and hair and present to you ‘Movement’ in a bold, contemporary way. 


Check out the MOVEMENT video below! 

Stay tuned for part 2 coming soon! 


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