Pro Tip: When doing #NuWave on a client, Start by beveled the hair inward, keeping the clip of the marcel iron underneath the hair shaft and overdirecting the hair above the barrel to avoid leaving a crease in the hair. Afterwards, bevel the hair outward with the clip of the Marcel

Pro Tip: How to Nu Wave. @curatedcutting Start with the hair underneath the barrel of the iron. Click Click Click to prevent creases. Start the next bend directly under the last without touching the last. End with the ends preferably flipped out.

Pro Tip: To do the #NuWave, keep the hair away from the clip so you won’t get a crease. Tapping also helps to minimize the crease. Have a good & safe day everyone! @curatedcutting

Step by Step Nu Wave Styling tutorial with @dysonhair Corrale straightener. Using the Dyson™ Corrale straightener makes this styling technique much more easy and fun! Not to mention the styling plates are flexible which allows you to grab more hair.  WATCH FULL VIDEO Hair was prep

Practice makes better! Combining 2 types of waves #livedin & #nuwave to give Joséphine just the effortlessness. Haha well gotta put some effort in it. 😘 Then finish off the look with @milbonusa Dry Texturizing Spray for some body. 💋 #hairtutorial #livedinhair #milbo

Anh creates natural siren waves on these auburn strands using his Soft Undercut technique. He styles the hair by first prepping with milbon waving cream, then blow dry smooth with a dyson & Ibiza brush. Wave the hair using 1.25 inch marcel iron alternating Lived in and NuWave. Fin

Anh Co Tran uses his Parallel Undercut technique on these brilliant golden brunette waves. This allows the layers to sit softly, not adding any weight. Want to try this look? Start by prepping the hair with milbon waving cream. Next blow dry smooth using a Dyson & Ibiza brush. Wav

Anh breathes new life into this blonde bombshell using his Soft undercut technique. He syles with a 1.25 inch marcel iron alternating his Lived in + NuWave methods creating gorgeous texture.