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1960’s Hair

DIY Live: 1960’s inspired hairstyle w/ @nina.adado 🎀1960’s hair was about big curls and lots of volume. A lot of curl sets were done at home instead of at the salon.We achieved these looks with @milbonusa hair products & @dysonhair blow dryers. ❤️ Had so much fun. Be KIND & SAFE! Xo WATCH FULL TUTORIAL #60s #bangs #diyhair #milbonusa #livedinhair #anhcotran 1w


DIY Live w/ @nina.adado 1940’s inspired ✨Victory Rolls – most popular during WW II in the 40s. Some people associate the name with the exhaust roll that was left in the sky by fighter planes. Some dubbed the name after women seeing each new day as a VICTORY. Many women in the 40s also wore the …