DIY Live w/ @nina.adado 1940’s inspired ✨Victory Rolls – most popular during WW II in the 40s. Some people associate the name with the exhaust roll that was left in the sky by fighter planes. Some dubbed the name after women seeing each new day as a VICTORY. Many women in the 40s also wore the trend in support of the war effort. Because it is still worn by many bad ass women today, I decided to add my own modern twist on it 💋WATCH FULL DIY

Here is how I achieve it.
1. Section ear to ear, start in the front curl the hair upward, spray some @milbonusa Strong Hold Hairspray 7 before curling.
2. For the back, curl the hair downward, remember to spray before curling.
3. Brush out the front sections and spray some Dry Texturizing spray before back combing.
4. Pin the curls away from the face, one side more forward then the other to give it a modern twist.
5. Before brushing the back out, spray Dry Texturizing Spray & back comb for body.
6. Seal the look with some Strong Hold Hairspray 10
Please see Nina’s step by steps in the comments below. Hope you enjoy it. Happy Memorial weekend! Xoxo

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