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How To: Wet Texture

How to get Amy’s wet textured look: -Step 1: On damp hair, apply a generous amount of Milbon’s Wet Shine Gel Cream #8. -Step 2: Apply a generous amount of Milbon’s Molding Wax #7. -Step 3: Gently brush hair back using a paddle brush. -Step 4: Bring the hair backwards by softly running fingers through the hair. …

Pro Tip: Waves

Pro Tip: It’s all in the details…add a quarter size of @milbonusa Wave Defining Cream for separation & polish. Apply on scalp to ends for the extra touch! It’s light weight & great for all types of hair.

Texture: Get the Look

Let your hair down with some texture Here is how we got Lynden’s look: -1. Spray @milbonusa Thickening Mist to roots through ends on dry hair. -2. Starting from the bottom working your way up, take a 1/2” square subsection & do a French braid. Complete the whole head in that manner. -3. Defuse with a blow …

Styling Tip: Texture

Styling Tip: After heat styling, spray some @milbonusa Texturizing Sea Mist to give it a flexible beachy texture. It have the perfect blend of naturally derived sea salt & sunflower seed oil to give the right amount of hold, moisture & body. Curls by @nina.adado, @curatedcutting educator.

Bold & Volume.

Bold & Volume Here is how we got Amy’s look: -1. Thoroughly prep her damp hair with @milbonusa Thickening Mist from roots to ends for fullness and volume. -2. Flip her hair over and rough dry. -3. Start from the bottom and work your way up to the top with a crisscross crimping technique. Make sure you …

Let the sun shine through!

Let the sun shine through! Here is how we did Sydny’s hair: -1. Spray from roots to end on damp hair with @milbonusa Thickening Mist for long lasting bounce & fullness. -2. Flip the head over and Rough dry. -3. Use an 1” Marcel curling iron working from the bottom up and create tight curls. -4. Brush …