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Pro Tip: “To maintain consistency in a cut, I developed @curatedcutting modular cutting techniques. We are artists and sometime it’s hard to give your clients the “best last haircut”. – @anhcotran @pivotpointintl 

Styling Tip: Waves

Styling Tip: To finish up the look, apply a quarter size of @milbonusa Wave Defining Cream from ends to roots for separation and moisture. Seal it up with some Strong Hold Hairspray 7 to tame the fly away and waves. Have a good Monday!

Styling Tip: Waves

Styling Tip: To get a piecey look, apply some @milbonusa Wave Defining Cream on finished hair. It’s also great for wash and go hair. To achieve that, apply about a quarter size on damp hair.


After a good #dusting on the ends, I love to continue the health care at home by using @milbonusa Moisture Replenishing Shampoo & Treatment. Remember the treatment only goes on mid to ends.