Pro Tip: NuWave, All the way. Using the @dysonhair straightener #dysoncorrale to undulate the wave. The flexible plates hold the hair in without pushing it out to the sides. Great for straightening hair, it’s great for waving hair as well. Here I am doing NU WAVES by undulatin

How to get Amy’s wet textured look: -Step 1: On damp hair, apply a generous amount of Milbon’s Wet Shine Gel Cream #8. -Step 2: Apply a generous amount of Milbon’s Molding Wax #7. -Step 3: Gently brush hair back using a paddle brush. -Step 4: Bring the hair backwards by softly

Let your hair down with some texture Here is how we got Lynden’s look: -1. Spray @milbonusa Thickening Mist to roots through ends on dry hair. -2. Starting from the bottom working your way up, take a 1/2” square subsection & do a French braid. Complete the whole head in that

Styling Tip: After heat styling, spray some @milbonusa Texturizing Sea Mist to give it a flexible beachy texture. It have the perfect blend of naturally derived sea salt & sunflower seed oil to give the right amount of hold, moisture & body. Curls by @nina.adado, @curatedc