Exploring Movement: A Fusion of Dance and Hair

Recently Anh released his two part series “Movement!” In case you missed it we have recapped the two part series below. Hair has always been a canvas for artistic expression, and one of the most fascinating aspects is its natural movement. In a captivating campaign that celebrates the synergy between dance and hair, we delve into two distinct series: Part 1, the Editorial series, and Part 2, the Classical series. Join us on this journey as we explore the beauty of movement and how it intertwines with the essence of hair.

Part 1: Editorial Series – Embracing the Spirit of the ’90s:

Inspired by the vibrant culture of the 1990s, the Editorial series captures the essence of free-flowing energy. Drawing upon the music, arts, and technology of that era, the campaign aims to bring back a sense of freedom through dance and hair. The imperfections of movement are celebrated, as raw dance and hair become one, epitomizing the concept of lived-in hair. Choreographers and dancers, driven by their emotions and connected to the music, interpret their dance through the organic movements of their hair. This bold and contemporary presentation showcases the powerful connection between movement and self-expression.

Part 2: Classical Series – The Elegance of Ballet:

In the Classical series, the campaign takes a graceful turn, drawing inspiration from the art of ballet. With slow, controlled movements, the hair finds its own life and freedom, defying rigidity. The subtle yet powerful energy of hair is harnessed, revealing its ability to convey emotions in an intimate and contemporary way. Choreographers and dancers, attuned to the music, allow their hair to flow seamlessly with their movements, creating a mesmerizing visual symphony. This series celebrates the harmonious collaboration between hair and classical dance.

The “Movement” campaign beautifully showcases the enchanting relationship between dance and hair. Through the lens of movement, hair becomes an extension of self-expression, mirroring the emotions and energy of the performer. Whether it’s the boldness of the ’90s or the elegance of ballet, the campaign reminds us that hair is not merely static but a living, breathing entity that adds depth and beauty to our artistic expressions. Explore these videos and witness the magic as dance and hair merge into a captivating art form, creating moments of pure synergy.


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