Milbon unveils ITS gold line and invites you all to step into an endless spectrum of beauty!

This specific line was created with the intention of fully embracing Japanese elegance and contemporary refinement, then combining that with decades of research with extraordinary ingredients.

Mainly for those in need of a little bit of pampering, there are 3 main concerns that the gold line aids:

is your hair feeling a bit dry?

Deeply hydrate the hair for exceptional vibrancy and velvety-soft hair with Indulging Hydration!

Olive squalane and moisturizing emollient oil mimic the naturally occurring lipid layers in the hair in order to deeply restore the hair’s ability to retain moisture and repair the hair’s natural pathways.


Do you find that your hair gets a bit dull from time to time?

Enrich the hair and access a brilliant, radiant shine with Illuminating Glow.

Illuminating emollient oil replenishes lipids where environmental and chemical stressors deplete the essential elements for a healthy shine at the cuticle’s outermost layer.

Want to add a little bit of life back into your hair?

Rejuvenate the hair and leave it feeling strong, supple and back to life with Vitalizing Dimension.

Keratin combined with chamomile extract helps to revitalize each individual strand by increasing the protein density of the outer cortex layer which is responsible for the hair’s elasticity.

Let’s step into an endless spectrum of beauty together!


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