The Research & Development facility, where all of the formulations and prototypes are tested and created, is located in Osaka.

The team was welcomed by Milbon’s hair/scalp researchers, formulators, and product evaluators who each walked us through their respective responsibilities. What we learned is that Milbon strongly values its relationships with hairstylists, and they take inspiration from observing stylists in salons back to the lab for product development. Milbon’s unique approach to its research and development fuses “sensibility and science.” The sensibility, in this case, is the perspective they gain from hairstylists, and the science is the years of research and specialized technology that Milbon uses to manufacture its products. Combining these two elements with meticulous testing and dedicated research ensures that Milbon discovers new and better ways to help professional stylists as well as their clients.

What makes Milbon so special is the company’s interest in working with professionals and learning as much as they can to develop real haircare products for customers all around the world to enjoy.

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