New Hair Tools: ATO’s Boar Bristle Round Brush

Are you looking for the perfect hair tool to help you style your hair?

ATO has just released a new round brush that is sure to give you the best results. The Boar Bristle Round Brush is a great hair tool for creating volume, curls, and smoothness in all types of hair. With its unique design and high-quality bristles, this round brush is sure to be a must-have item in your hair styling toolkit.

Read on to learn more about ATO’s new Boar Bristle Round Brush!
What is a round brush?

A round brush is a tool that is often used by professionals at salons for styling and blow-drying hair. Its round tubular head helps stylists to smooth, style, and even curl the hair more effectively. ATO’s new line of Boar Bristle Round Brushes was specifically designed with heat-resistant nylon threads that help to detangle and smooth out the hair gently, as opposed to a brush that’s made with plastic which can damage the hair follicles during a blowout.



How do I use the boar bristle round brush?

This tool is typically used with a blow dryer and a smoothing nozzle to smooth out the hair and create volume! The best way to use the round brush is to start by sectioning your hair with the pointed wood tip to create smaller, more manageable pieces. Starting at the root, wrap the hair around the brush and place the blow dryer at the base of the brush, pulling away from the scalp.

Pro Tip: If you’re looking to achieve more volume during your end result, create a “C” motion when pulling away from the scalp during a blow out. 







ATO’s Boar Bristle Round Brushes are a great tool as they help smooth the hair while locking in moisture and providing shine. Achieve your desired hairstyle with ease using our round brushes, available in seven sizes to accommodate all hair types and lengths.

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