All About Peekaboo Bangs

Peekaboo Bangs are everywhere this year! It seems like everyone just can’t get enough of them, and rightly so. 

These bangs are the perfect accessory if you’re looking to switch your look without a drastic change. 

If you’re thinking about getting peekaboo bangs, continue below and check out Anh’s expert tips on what to consider first!


What should I ask for to get these bangs?

You could ask for bangs and request that the length hit just below your eyes. Ask for them to be textured and light enough to easily push them out of the way if you choose not to wear them one day. 


What is the best way to style these bangs? 

What I love the most about peekaboo bangs is that there isn’t just one way to style them! They’re an accessory that’s versatile! You can blow them forward and style them down for a more traditional bang. You can style them more like a true “peekaboo” and push them off to the side for a side part effect. You can even push the bangs to the side of the face so they can emulate curtain bangs! 


What products do you recommend?

For general upkeep and styling it’s best to use Milbon’s Refreshing Dry Shampoo to help absorb the excess oils, Milbon’s Dry Texturizing Spray 4 to give the bangs a bit of grit and texture, and Milbon’s Strong Hold Hairspray 7 to control the bangs and keep them in place throughout the day.

Why do you love this style? 

I love peekaboo bangs because they’re non-committal and they’re versatile. You can wear them up, wear them down and even push them out of the way if you decide that you don’t want to wear them one day. This style is the perfect way to dip your toes in and see if bangs are right for you.


How often should I get my bangs trimmed?

It depends on how quickly your hair will grow but it’s best to get a trim every month or so. 

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