The Research & Development facility, where all of the formulations and prototypes are tested and created, is located in Osaka. The team was welcomed by Milbon’s hair/scalp researchers, formulators, and product evaluators who each walked us through their respective responsibiliti

Peekaboo Bangs are everywhere this year! It seems like everyone just can’t get enough of them, and rightly so.  These bangs are the perfect accessory if you’re looking to switch your look without a drastic change.  If you’re thinking about getting peekaboo bangs, continue

Actress Christine Ko stuns yet again, but this time in an all-white Alex + Olivia ensemble along with gorgeous Horizontal waves for NYFW.  What are Horizontal waves?  Horizontal waves are a type of wave that’s created by holding the iron horizontally while wrapping the hair around

Emma Watson has firmly established herself as a legendary actress with unrivaled talent and an impressive ever-growing career that speaks for itself. From her memorable roles in Harry Potter and Beauty and the Beast to her Academy Award-nominated performance in Little Women, Emma Wats