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Styling Tip: Waves

Styling Tip: Before applying a finishing spray, break up the waves with your fingers. I usually use @milbonusa Dry Texturizing Spray because it’s light and versatile. Great for all types of hair texture.

Styling Tip: Humidity

Styling Tip: For humidity, especially in Miami, I use @milbonusa Anti-Frizz Shampoo, Treatment & Humidity Blocking Oil before blow drying and I finish the look off with some more oil for extra protection.

Styling Tip: Texture

Styling Tip: Using 2 types of waves to create this look: #nuwave & #livedinwave. And then finished the look with @milbonusa Dry Texturizing Spray for bounce & texture. Color: @hairbycharlie Cut/Styled: #anhcotran Photo by: @alexehouston

Styling Tip: Straight Hair

Styling Tip: For clients, I find that it’s easier to use a straightener like the cordless @dysonhair Corrale to do the #Nuwave & #livedinwaves. Instead of picking up 2 different types of tools, just use one.  @livedinhair

Styling Tip: Wave Defining Cream

Styling Tip: Use a dime size of @milbonusa Wave Defining Cream for separation and polish to give that #livedinhair  look. When applying products with your hands, make sure you evenly distributed on your hands before applying to the hair.

Styling Tip: Waves

Styling Tip: To finish up the look, apply a quarter size of @milbonusa Wave Defining Cream from ends to roots for separation and moisture. Seal it up with some Strong Hold Hairspray 7 to tame the fly away and waves. Have a good Monday!